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Monday, December 5

Knitty and Housework

So, I have a ton of cleaning I need to do around the house, but what am I doing instead??? Dreaming about how I'm going to spend all my Christmas money on yarn for things from the new Knitty.

Pocket Creatures
are a must for stocking stuffers.

A new watch is on my Christmas list - Boogie Time

I have 2 balls of sock yarn waiting to be made into Thuja and Pomatomus

Miss Beeton would look nice in some homespun.

P.S. The doorbell just rang and the mailman brought my Interweave Knits Winter. How much knitting happiness can one person stand.
posted by Jackie, 10:30 AM


Hi! I love those little creatures and the one of the cat wearing pants too! I don't know which to start knitting first. Sage looks adorable in her hat!! You could quit work and just make hats for a living....
commented by Blogger princessliak, 10:53 AM  

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