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Tuesday, December 20

Just a few things


For my BIG Christmas present this year, I got a professional deluxe edition KitchenAid Mixer. I love that guy.

But I also got a gift card for Target from my mom. It was a hard decision for me because there are so many things at Target that I could buy. But I decided on a Garmin Forerunner; it uses GPS to track your runs so you get the exact distance, pace, and time. See it there in the upper left corner?

These books arrived in the mail today, finally. I ordered "Teaching with Love and Logic" and "The Pearls of Love and Logic" so I can try using some of the techniques with my kids at school. Love and Logic has worked really well for both of my kids but I need some help translating it to the school setting.

The other book is "52 Projects Random Acts of Everyday Creativity", I saw the website and decided I must have the book.

Hopefully I will have time over Christmas break to read and knit.
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