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Monday, November 21

White Trash Bash

White Trash Party 011
I had a blast at my best friend's White Trash Bash. Look at us, 2 hot mama's.
White Trash Party 002
You can't have a White Trash Bash without Spam.
White Trash Party 009
My outfit was complete with a Dale Earnhart half top, a black eye, a hickey, stonewashed jeans, and house shoes.
White Trash Party 003
My best friend, Carrie, looked like she just stepped out of a trailer.
White Trash Party 018
This is her with Billy Bob teeth and a mullet wig.
posted by Jackie, 7:56 PM


Yur just the perdiest thang I ever did lay my eyez on...
commented by Blogger princessliak, 8:06 AM  
I saw the SPAM and had to admit I actually paid money in Hawaii for Spam & Eggs. They slice it, fry it, and serve it on a bed of rice with fried egg. Believe it or not -- it's delicious and really big on the island!
commented by Blogger Lanora, 6:59 PM  

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