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Sunday, November 13


Since Dennis was off for Veteren's Day on Friday we decided to take a short holiday to Oklahoma City. It's only a 2 hour drive and they have a zoo and science center. We arrived on Friday ate lunch and checked into our hotel. Yikes, no more Ramada for us- it was called Ramada Limited and it was definitely limited.

The zoo was huge. Our favorite things were the sea lions and a seal. The kids loved to watch them swim around and around. Too bad the sea lion show was closed for the season. We spent about 3 hours there and didn't see everything.

After dinner we went swimming in an indoor non-heated pool, it was freezing.

On Saturday, we went out searching for something to eat and found... a Lakeshore store!! I knew there was one in OKC but had no idea where. I get so overwhelmed in places like that because I want to buy everything. We got a couple of things for the kid's Christmas.
After lunch, we headed to the Omniplex. A large science/children's museum with a planetarium and IMAX screen. We saw Fighter Pilots on IMAX and explored for about 4 hours.


We got home about 8pm, tired but happy. The best thing is we have today off to relax and get ready for school tomorrow. BTW, I love traveling with Dennis, he has a great sense of direction and we never get lost, except when I try to navigate.
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It sounds like you had tons-o-fun! I have only driven through OKC - we should stop some time! See ya on Wednesday
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