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Saturday, October 8

Yarn Crawl

I know you all want all the details from our Yarn Crawl so here you go.

First, it was Jackie, Lia, Rhonda and a newbie, Anna and we traveled for 12 hours, over 400 miles and went to 4 yarn shops and a book store. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked but we were too busy having fun.

Yarn Barn
This shop is at 930 Massachusetts St in Lawrence, it's super easy to find. There are many things that I love about this shop, first it carries lots of yarn (Rowan, Brown Sheep, Trekking XXL) and it has a great selection of needles (Crystal Palace, Clover, Addi Turbo) The most interesting thing we saw were sets of dark wood needles with animals carved on the top (frogs, elephants). This shop also carries weaving and spinning supplies including silk and wool fibers, spinning wheels, and looms. I purchased some Bonkers roving and a new top whorl Louet drop spindles so everyone at meetup can try their hand at spinning some fiber. We also ate at an Indian Buffet just around the corner from the shop, very yummy and good price, we recommend it.
Yarn Barn

Urban Arts and Crafts
Forty-five minutes from Lawrence is Urban Arts and Crafts (507 walnut) in Kansas City, MO. This is a very unique shop and Rhonda's favorite. They had a large yarn selection for such a small shop including Noro, Berroco, Brown Sheep, Crystal Palace and Trendsetters. This shop also features a tons of jewelry making supplies, scrapbooking, book making supplies, Amy Butler fabric and some of the best arts and crafts classes in KC. They were having a good looking farmers market down the street but we decided to go to the next shop. There are lots of little shops in this area and could be a good place to spend an entire morning looking around.
Urban Arts and Crafts 1

The Studio
Only 10 minutes in the car and we were at The Studio (1121 W 47th St, KC,MO). This is my favorite store; when you walk in the door it's an explosion of color. They have yarn crammed in every nook and cranny. They also have a whole room dedicated to needlepoint supplies. The yarns are organized by weight throughout the store with hairy, sparkly, stringy novelty yarns right in the middle. This store can be a little overwhelming and they seemed to be doing an inventory or reorganizing because they had a ton of employees doing various things. I picked up some Trekking XXL. Make sure you have a map to get to this place.
the studio

The Yarn Shop and More
A short 15 minute drive brought us to The Yarn Store and More at 7309 West 80th Street in Overland Park, KS. I vote this shop the best organizer, there are two huge walls of yarn all organizer by color plus more yarn on free standing shelves. They were packed with shoppers. This is were I found what I had been looking for all day, 5 skeins of Noro Blossom in color #5 to make Bloom. I was impressed by the amount of Lorna's Lace they carried, they even had the $30 a skein- Lion and Lamb (50% silk, 50% wool) in many colors. There are 2 large tables with chairs to sit and knit. Lots of knitted models, including a Clapotis made with worsted weight yarn. The staff was very friendly and helpful.
yarn shop and more

The last stop of the day was Half Price Books at Metcalf and 91st street (on the left). Thanks so much to Rhonda for giving us the heads up about this place. It is FABULOUS!!! It's a huge bookstore with every book you could ever want or need and they were dirt cheap prices. I would travel back to Overland Park just to go to this place.

We had planned to stop at Knit Wit in Olathe, KS but they closed a 4:00pm so we didn't make it.

I am already planning a new yarn crawl for the spring (once my husband gets over the amount of money I spent). I would like to have an overnight in Kansas City because I would have enjoyed having dinner and getting a good nights sleep before driving back. Plus it would give us more time to do things, like go to the farmer's market and look in other shops.
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