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Tuesday, October 25

Wichita Art Museum

The best place for family arts and crafts is the Wichita Art Museum. Once a month they have a "Family Artventure" Saturday. You take your kids look at selected pieces of art in the galleries and then make your own works of art. Right now, they have a beautiful Tiffany Light exhibit. The kids love walking around in the low light looking at the colors and designs on the lamps.
At the end of the exhibit they have 6 six lamps, 3 are real Tiffany's and 3 are fakes, you try to guess which are real and which are not. Tren picked correctly each time. I am impressed.

The candle holders on the top are our Tiffany inspired art. And in September they had printmaking and this was my knit print.

I also have to mention that CityArts is our second favorite local art gallery. Posted by Picasa
posted by Jackie, 5:33 PM


Very nice work by you and your kids! And snaps to Trenton - perhaps he could grow up and be on antique roadshow!!
commented by Blogger princessliak, 6:04 AM  

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