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Wednesday, October 12

What a Fright

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween around these parts. Actually we have had our house decorated since the end of September. But I want to show you the newest addition to my Halloween stash. It's the wax warmer in the front. I got it from Yankee Candles yesterday for 50% off (only $10). It even glows in the dark. I got "Jack Frost" to put in it and the whole house smells like a peppermint stick. Wish we had scratch and sniff blogs.

Another holiday item I ordered is the holiday sampler from Adagio Tea. It has candy apple, candy cane and gingerbread. I am waiting for the mailman right now.
posted by Jackie, 9:40 AM


I must say you have one of the best decorated houses I have seen (inside and out) and I am not very hungry from your smelly candle talk to the tea talk!!
commented by Blogger princessliak, 5:45 AM  

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