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Monday, October 10

Screw up

jaywalker sock
Put this sock in the "you are not smarter than the pattern" pile. This is Jaywalker from Magknits, unfortunatly no one will ever wear this sock. The pattern says to cast on 76 (82) stitches but my magic sock number is 60 stitches- I always use 60 stitches to make socks for myself. So I do a little math and figure out how to adjust the zig zag pattern to allow me to use 60 stitches. Everything is going along fine till last night when I decided to try the sock on to see how it looks. Surprise it doesn't fit!!! There are 2 reasons for this: 1. I forgot that I went down a needle size because I felt the stitches were too loose using a 2 with the magic loop and 2. there is very little stretch in the zig zag pattern. This morning I tried to try it on Sage but no luck. So this sad little sock is going to sock heaven.
posted by Jackie, 6:08 AM


so sad, she was a very pretty little sock... she shall be missed.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:50 PM  
its such a cool sock! Can't you hang it up at Cristmas for a pet or someting?
commented by Anonymous Libby, 8:10 AM  

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