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Friday, October 21


I present to you, HIPSTER. I decided to knit this to carry my pencils, erasers, candy, and other items while I'm at school. I didn't realize that the pouch was only 3.5 inches big, but I thought it looked okay in the picture. So I knit it to the pattern and felted it, now I'm having second thoughts. I just don't think the pouch is big enough. I used all the Peace Fleece that I had left from my scarf and I really like the way the colors blende but maybe I should make another one only BIGGER. Posted by Picasa
posted by Jackie, 6:22 AM


I love how the hipster turned out! I like it - you could just get little pencils to put in it!
commented by Blogger princessliak, 5:00 PM  

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