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Monday, September 12

Yay for me I got my sock-a-poolza socks done. They are going in the mail tomorrow since my pal is overseas. I took the picture with my open planner because I can not believe how busy this month is. I'm now the co-president of Sage's school's PTO and the school organizer for Girl Scouts. I need a vaction and school's just started.
posted by Jackie, 6:55 PM


Cool socks! I love the stripey goodness.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:58 AM  
Those are lovely! The Trekking works up into some very fun socks.
commented by Blogger Ruth, 7:06 AM  
Thanks so much for the socks--I love them! And the chicken poop is marvelous.
commented by Blogger Moze, 1:00 AM  

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