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Monday, September 5

"Labor" day

Me and D spent today laboring in the backyard. We finally cleaned out the shed which we have been putting off for 2 years. D started to clear off the patio at the beginning of the summer to make a deck but never got farther than taking out the bricks and stacking them in a most inconvenient place. I have given him till the beginning of November to complete this project (hopefully we will have a warm fall).

The reason for this post is to share a strange experience that I had. On Friday, I had some extra time on my hands so I decided to get a manicure. I went to a little nail place on the east side and sat down facing the back of the shop. There was mirror directly behind the nail tec. that reflected the front door. As she was filing my right hand a man walked in and said "Did those girls leave?" The other ladies in the store just looked at him strangely and said "We don't know who your talking about." The man left and about 3 minutes later walked in the door in only his socks and a shirt, all his man parts flapping in the wind. He quickly turned and left. All of us were in shock. This is my first time seeing a flasher and I hope my last. What a strange world.
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thats what you get for getting a manicure!!!! haha

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