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Friday, August 19

Socks, Socks, and More Socks

What is this?? Yes, I did start on my secret pal socks, they are on the right.

But me and my aunt made the hour drive to a new yarn shop called..."Yarns" in Salina, KS. Sage has been asking me forever to knit her some socks so she picked out Opal in Flamigo (the little picture of the flamigo on the band helped a lot) and I decided I would teach myself to knit socks on one 40 in circ. They had the Magic Loop book there so I looked at it for a couple of minutes while my aunt checked out and when I got home I started the ones on the left. I think that knitting on the circ is much faster than the dpns but I do have some tension problems at the sides which I think I can fix with some practice. Now my plan is to finish one of Sage's socks, as practice, then finish both my secret pals socks and then finish Sage's other sock all in about 2 weeks. Why are you laughing??
posted by Jackie, 7:38 AM


Laughing no. Sadly, understand completely with out any explanation YES.
commented by Blogger Laurie, 8:23 AM  

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