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Friday, August 26

One completed Peace Fleece Garter Scarf. I really like the way the colors came out but I think it's a little short for my taste so I'm going to pass it along to Sage and I think I have enough leftover yarn to make a rolled brim hat to go with it.
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Monday, August 22

Look it's progress but there's a problem. I was using a 3x2 ribbing on this sock and when I divided for my heel I used half the stitches which means the ribbing on the top is off now. So looks like I'm going to have to rip out the heel and adjust. But I just don't have the strengh to do it tonight so I have decided to put it a side for 2 days (only 2 days I promise) and start (possibly finish) the scarf I ordered from Peace Fleece.
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Sunday, August 21

One completed Sage Flamingo Sock. Using the 40 inch circular was much faster than the dpns. Now I can fly through socks.
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Friday, August 19

Socks, Socks, and More Socks

What is this?? Yes, I did start on my secret pal socks, they are on the right.

But me and my aunt made the hour drive to a new yarn shop called..."Yarns" in Salina, KS. Sage has been asking me forever to knit her some socks so she picked out Opal in Flamigo (the little picture of the flamigo on the band helped a lot) and I decided I would teach myself to knit socks on one 40 in circ. They had the Magic Loop book there so I looked at it for a couple of minutes while my aunt checked out and when I got home I started the ones on the left. I think that knitting on the circ is much faster than the dpns but I do have some tension problems at the sides which I think I can fix with some practice. Now my plan is to finish one of Sage's socks, as practice, then finish both my secret pals socks and then finish Sage's other sock all in about 2 weeks. Why are you laughing??
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Tuesday, August 16

Weekend Holiday

You might be wondering were I have been (but probably not). We took a weekend holiday to see a KC Royals game, unfortunately the game was rained out but we did get some autographs. Since we were going that way anyways, I made D stop in Lawrence so I could get some goodies at Yarn Barn. This is what I ended up with: Trekking for my secret sock pal (I only have a month to complete these socks) and some KPPPM for a Clapotis. Overall it was a good trip, we ate at Rainforest Cafe which is the kids favorite and did some other shopping. Who cares that we didn't get to see the Royals play, they have lost 15 games straight and they gave us rain checks on our tickets so we can go to a game next season.
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Thursday, August 11

Last night was my first experience with Thai food. Allison, Lia, and I went out for a yummy dinner of curry and noodles. My favorite was the dessert, sticky rice with coconut milk and mangoes.
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Tuesday, August 9

No new knitting news

No new knitting news but I hope to knit a lot while I'm away on my trip. Here's an amazing link to keep you busy: Femail creations.
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Saturday, August 6

Here's a couple of new knitting items. My friend Allison brought me the ID Tags from SWAK. The Lorna's Lace in Rainbow came from ebay. It's not sure if the color is right for my secret sock pal, so I'm going to wait and see what they have in KC this weekend.
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Wednesday, August 3

Socks to Dye For Part 2

324 meters of yarn dyed, dried and waiting to be put into balls for knitting. But one problem, I'm not sure about making socks. This is wool and if they accidentally got put in with the rest of the laundry it would be bye, bye socks to dye for. So I'm thinking a felted accessory instead.
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Tuesday, August 2

Socks to Dye For Part 1

A few months ago I bought the book "Yarns to Dye For" but I didn't have the time to try it out. Now that I have quit one of my jobs I have some extra time on my hands to do some fun stuff. The book is a great resource, the technique to laid out very clearly. I had a little over a 300 m of my homespun, 2-ply, so I decided to try to make some striped yarn. I hope I will be about to make a pair of socks.
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