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Saturday, July 16

Willie Wonka, Willie Wonka

We have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; the old version is one of the kid's favorites. Here they are at the theatre, chomping on the world famous Wonka Bar. Personally, I loved the the remake. Johnny Depp is a perfect Willie Wonka and the sets are amazing. I wish they would have kept the original songs for when the kids met their downfall or at least put the words on the screen like the old one because I couldn't understand what they were singing. Anyways, everyone in our family gave it 2 thumbs up.

Also check out the Lance Armstrong bracelets my dad got them. They come in youth size so they actually fit. And Tren has on a KC Royals hat that is fitted, I can't believe that they make so many things just like adults for kids these days.
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