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Friday, July 29

Finally a FO

Look, I finally have an FO. I haven't had much time to knit this summer since I have been working. Which, by the way, SUCKS. But it's almost over, soon it will be back to school and back to my regular SAHM life. I'm so ready.

The socks pattern is from summer IK 2005, Go with the Flow. The yarn is Lana Grossa, that my secret pal sent me. I really enjoyed these socks. The pattern was easy to memorize and the love the way the yarn stripes. Many knitters match the stripes on their socks but I never do, I think of the socks as a continuation of each other instead of twins. I know the one on the bottom looks like it's bigger but really they are the same size.

Now what to put on the needles?? I feel like knitting more socks and I must begin my socks for sock-a-polooza but I haven't found the perfect yarn for yet. We are going to KC in a couple of weeks so I hope to find it there or maybe the new yarn shop will open in Salina.
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Tuesday, July 26

Amy Peter's Studio

Wow!! I love everything from Amy Peter's Studio. I'm trying to decide between the "Seek Balance Find Happiness" ring and the "Try Make Express Accept" ring. I also love the message beads, too bad my birthday has already passed.
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Wednesday, July 20

Tennis Time

Summer means it's time for tennis lessons. Both the kids really enjoy it and they have small classes with good instructors.
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Saturday, July 16

Willie Wonka, Willie Wonka

We have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; the old version is one of the kid's favorites. Here they are at the theatre, chomping on the world famous Wonka Bar. Personally, I loved the the remake. Johnny Depp is a perfect Willie Wonka and the sets are amazing. I wish they would have kept the original songs for when the kids met their downfall or at least put the words on the screen like the old one because I couldn't understand what they were singing. Anyways, everyone in our family gave it 2 thumbs up.

Also check out the Lance Armstrong bracelets my dad got them. They come in youth size so they actually fit. And Tren has on a KC Royals hat that is fitted, I can't believe that they make so many things just like adults for kids these days.
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Thursday, July 14

Lion Brand

The local Hancocks Fabrics is selling Lion's Brand Cotton-Ease at 50% off. The pink is for Sitcom Chic and I don't know what I will do with the rest of it. Cotton isn't my favorite to work with but I couldn't pass up a $1.94 a ball.
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Saturday, July 9

Sorry guys, I haven't posted here forever. Here's Connie, Lia and Allison knitting at Java Nation. It's great coffee shop on Douglas but they had a band that night. It was so LOUD!!
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Monday, July 4


Not much knitting going on around here, too much working. I am still on the lookout for the perfect yarn for my sock pal, I was hoping to buy it from the new LYS opening in Salina but they keep pushing the opening date back- it should be open by the end of the summer.

I would like to voice a complaint. Yesterday at Wal-Mart they had the new Interweave Knits out, I have a subscription and have not received mine yet. I thought the whole reason to get a subscription was so you could get the issue before it hit news stands (at least that's how it works with my other magazines). ARGHHH!

One more thing, have you seen this new show- "Fire Me, Please". Funny stuff.
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