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Sunday, June 5

Go with the Flow

I'm currently working on the Go with the Flow socks from IK Summer. I really dig the pattern, easy to remember and knits up so fast. This is the sock yarn that my secret pal sent to me, I love the brown with the pinks.

What else is going on, you might ask? Well my KIP is going oh so good. We have meetings every week with 6 to 13 ladies showing up every time. Next week is the BIG sleepover, we are busting out the air mattresses and junk food for an all night knitting adventure. I promise to post pictures.

And this week in is my knitting workshop at the community college. I made a simple bookmark pattern so I can teach cast on, knit, purl, and bind off in 3 hours. If this works out I'm going to try to teach a couple of workshops in the fall for our local park board. Wish me luck.
posted by Jackie, 5:52 PM


Hi Jackie,
Your socks look beautiful. I love the pattern. And I'm glad you're enjoying the yarn:0)
commented by Blogger Donna, 4:08 PM  

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