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Sunday, June 26

Junie B. Jones

I forgot to post that we got to meet the one and only Junie B. Jones last week. Sage's teacher had been reading the Barbara Park books in her classroom last year and we have been reading them all summer. We were so excited to see that we were one of only 11 cities in America that Junie B. was visiting. We watched a short play with Junie B. and Mr. Wo and then she stamped our books and gave us a band-aid (it's a fashion accessory) and a post card to write to our friends, Sage sent hers to her teacher. Plus she came on this really great bus, see the picture.
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Saturday, June 25

Gina and Orion

Dennis' college friend, Gina and her son are visiting from Hawaii for the next two weeks. Her son is 3 1/2 and such a cutie. His name is Orion, like the constellation, which I love. Gina is orignally from Japan and brought the kids some Japanese candy as a gift, it is so cool. We are trying to come up with some fun stuff to do with they while they are here.
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Tuesday, June 21

Swimming and Stuff

Yesterday, we had a super fun, super busy day. First me and the kids went on an hour long bike ride with my mom. In the afternoon, we spent 2 hours at the pool. And in the evening (and night) we spent 5 hours at the car dealership getting a new minivan.
The other lady in the picture is Allison my new, awesome friend that I meet through my knitting group.
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Saturday, June 18

Summer Socks

It's time for summer socks!!! Love these babies from Spun Mag, I had this yarn leftover from Marnie's Etre and they only took a few hours to make. I see many more of these in the future made from lots of leftovers. But currently I working on some other summer socks, check it out.
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Wednesday, June 15

Rock River Rapids

Another quick road trip today, this one more successful than the last. We traveled to Rock River Rapids in Derby (about a half hour drive) for some wet, fun in the sun. Well worth the trip, only 5 bucks for adults and 4 clams for the kids. There are 8 slides, a large swallow area with all kinds of water flying around, and a deep water pool with driving board, lap swimming and water basketball. Fun was had by all.
(BTW- I'm not sure where the "peace" signs came from, but don't they look cool.)
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Tuesday, June 14

Rolling Hills Museum

Yesterday, we took a rode trip to Salina (about an hour and a half) to check out the Rolling Hills Zoo and Museum. What a waste of gas! The zoo was small and over priced, the animal's habitats were depressing, and the museum was just a bunch of dioramas. So if you live in or are visting Kansas don't waste your time or money on this place.
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Friday, June 10

It's slow moving on the Go With The Flow socks but life is busy. Vacation Bible School, Girl Scout Camp and did I mention I am looking for a job.
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Tuesday, June 7


The new Spun is up. I love the summer sock patterns.
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Sunday, June 5

Go with the Flow

I'm currently working on the Go with the Flow socks from IK Summer. I really dig the pattern, easy to remember and knits up so fast. This is the sock yarn that my secret pal sent to me, I love the brown with the pinks.

What else is going on, you might ask? Well my KIP is going oh so good. We have meetings every week with 6 to 13 ladies showing up every time. Next week is the BIG sleepover, we are busting out the air mattresses and junk food for an all night knitting adventure. I promise to post pictures.

And this week in is my knitting workshop at the community college. I made a simple bookmark pattern so I can teach cast on, knit, purl, and bind off in 3 hours. If this works out I'm going to try to teach a couple of workshops in the fall for our local park board. Wish me luck.
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