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Tuesday, May 3

The Studio

This weekend I was in KC visting my best friend, Carrie. Of course, I had to checkout the LYS, The Studio. Love it! Lots of selection, well organizer, and friendly staff (the owner even gave me a coffee cup with their logo). I didn't get any yarn (spent my yarn budget at KnitPicks) but Carrie gave me a gift certificate for my b-day so I got the black bag, which is for circlular needles. I also got some stuff for our knitting group door prizes (which is coming up this week).

The little heart is the only actual knitted item I have had on this blog for a long time (how embrassing) The pattern is from the summer edition of Interweave Knits (it's a free PDF). I made it from some handspun I had around.
posted by Jackie, 4:19 PM


I just got yout package today. Thanks tons! You got me the best things, and it always arrived on a day that i needed the pick me up. :D I especially love the color of the brownsheep sock yarn. the bag is neat too. I love it all. Youve been a great secret pal!
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