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Friday, May 27


Fiery Bolero is complete. It is so cute on, I wore it yesterday and forgot to have D take a picture. It was an easy straightforward knit except for picking up 250 stitches around the neck for the ribbing. The only downside is you can't really try it on until you are at the very end, the ribbing is done before the seaming. I was a little concerned that it was going to be too big but it's a perfect fit. I would like to make another one in a different color but since I usually only make one of any pattern I doubt that will happen.
posted by Jackie, 6:33 AM


Your bolero is beautiful! You've motivated me to give it a try.
Happy Knitting!
commented by Blogger kmckiernan, 9:27 PM  
Hello Jackie!

I'm also in progress on the fiery bolero and am a little concerned about it being too small for me (I have a 34-35" bust and I am making the 35). Did you find that the sizing was true to your measurements?

Congratulations on a gorgeous FO!
commented by Blogger Jen, 6:20 PM  

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