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Monday, April 25

I want a podcast

I just started listening to Podcasts. Dawn and Drew Show is my favorite right now. I was listening, I was thinking that mine and Dennis' conversations are at least as funny and witty as their stuff. But we wouldn't be able to tell anyone we know that we had a show because we laugh the most at people we know. So if I do get a show (or maybe we already have one) I won't be talking about it here.
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Wednesday, April 20

Where is the world is Jackie Diego?

Where have I been? Mostly I have been working on my meetup group. It is going very well but taking up a lot of time. Plus all the end of school year stuff has started. But have faith I am still knitting. Pictures coming soon...
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Thursday, April 14


My knitting group is going really well. Our last meeting we had 9 people and 15 people have RSVPed for tonight's meeting. But now is going to start charging groups to use it's services, not just a little bit, but $19 bucks a month. I think that is outrageous! The organizer (that's me) is responsible for paying this amount; they suggest that I ask my group members for dues and use that to offset the cost. But isn't that like asking people to pay to be friends. Come on! I do like the way that meetup is set-up and honestly I wouldn't mind paying something but that's $228 a year.
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Wednesday, April 6

Nothin' but a mistake

Do you ever get that sick feeling in your stomach when you know something isn't going to work out? That's how I feel about this. I'm about half way through the back of the "Nothin' but a t-shirt" but I'm just not feeling it. I think it's the yarn and the fact that it's knit on size 8. Eight's usually don't feel that small to me but for some reason on this project they seem to be taking forever. I guess I will rip it out and try to find something else for this yarn. Wish me luck.
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Sunday, April 3

The end and the beginning

My favorite LYS closed last week. This is only half of what I bought. The brown is Wool Cotton from Rowan, 2 aqua balls of calmer, 2 balls of sock yarn, and 2 pink balls of cotton glace. I am attempting to use the wool cotton to make "Nothin' but a t-shirt" from magknits. I got gauge but the knit doesn't seem tight enough.
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Saturday, April 2

Crochet me

The new Crochet me is up and I am in love with this bag.
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