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Sunday, March 20

Ashford Love

Oh My Gosh!! Look what I got!! Yes, it's an Ashford Traditional. We went to the local flea market today and I walked around the corner and saw it. I asked "how much?" and she said "How about 50 bucks?" I about peed my pants as I ran to get Dennis. Dennis is the bargainer (I'm too embrassed to ask if people will take less) and got it for 40 bucks. Can you believe it?? What's the likelihood of finding this treasure at the flea market for 40 dollars? It does need a couple of things, a drive belt and a scotch tension but those are cheap. I have been smiling ear to ear all day.
posted by Jackie, 6:36 PM


hey jackie! i got the socks today and i absolutely LOVE them! the lycra was such a great thought. they fit perfectly. the knitting is flawless. the color is great. i've been curious about fixation and now i know what all the fuss is about. thank you so much!
commented by Blogger savannahchik, 3:14 PM  
Forty bucks is this for real? For sctoch tension use fishing line the really heavy test for big sucker fish like sharks. I think it's 50 pound. For forty bucks you've got the wheel bargain of the century. I got my Ashford for 100 ten 15 years ago. Good for you and happy spinning. It's obvious to me that wheleel was meant for you.
commented by Blogger Maryellen, 4:09 PM  
What a steal! I just bought a spindle for $40! I would be walking around with a big grin too! I have always loved the lines of the traddy and with ashford parts are so accessesible. Good score!

Your dyeing down below is beautiful :D
commented by Blogger tiffany, 10:39 AM  

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