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Tuesday, March 29

Short Row Rib

I have a hard time find projects for my homespun because I don't have large quanities of any one yarn. I practice dying and spinning in small batches. But I was able to complete this Short Row Rib Scarf from Magknits. The colors look beautiful and I had just enough.
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Monday, March 28

Erte Cloche

Pattern: Erte Cloche Marnie MacLean website $4.95
Yarn: 2 skeins Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
Needle Size: US 2
Size: Medium
Comments: Well written pattern, easy to follow. The brim is very unique. It looked much better after washing and blocking. I will make this pattern again. Also Marnie has a bunch of free patterns that are worth a look.
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Sunday, March 27

Knitty Gritty

We finally got DIY network. So now I can watch Knitty Gritty.
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Friday, March 25


Thank you so much to my awesome sockapalooza pal. These sock are perfect. They fit great, I love that they are long. And the colors look so cool with my crocs.
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Thursday, March 24

Great Wolf Lodge

We had an amazing time at Great Wolf Lodge.
Here's my personal review of our experience:

Check-in/out- Quick and easy, the staff was very helpful.

Cleanliness- The room, lobby, and grounds were all very clean. There is no smoking in the lodge and I didn't see a lot of butts outside (like you do some places that are non-smoking).

Waterpark- Open from 8:30am to 10pm. This place was great. It had something for everyone. There were 3 slides for the younger set (preschool age and under), 2 slides for the older kids and 3 large slides that used inflated rafts, a lazy river, and an area that was a little deeper (about 4 foot) with basketball goals and things to climb on. There was also a huge family hot tub. They had a lot of lifeguards and I felt very safe.

Room- Our room was very comfortable, two queen size beds, a loveseat with a foldout bed, mini fridge, and microwave. The tv had internet and a game system. We also had a balcony which would have been nice if it hadn't been snowing. When you arrive you recieve armbands that must be worn as they are your waterpark passes - the kids didn't like wearing them and S said she had a hard time sleeping with it on. I would suggest putting them on the ankle if your kids are easily annoyed.

Food- There are 3 places to get food in the lodge. We ate lunch and dinner at the Camp Critter Bar and Grille. The food was very yummy, fresh and well made (I suggest the Loose Moose Burger with onion rings). The kid's menu had a good amount of choices. They have a breakfast buffet from 9am to 11am. From 11am to 1pm you get a free kids meal with each adult meal. There is also a Pizza Hut Express at the waterpark, we didn't eat there but it looked like regular pizza. The last place is the Bear Claw Cafe, they serve ice cream, donuts, fudge, coffee, juice, etc.

Arcade- The arcade is directly across from the waterpark. For 5 bucks you get 20 tokens and each games cost 2 tokens. We got an amazing amount of tickets and the prizes were good.

Buckhorn Exchange- The gift shop is large and has a good variety of stuff. They are suprisingly reasonably priced. I bought a hoodie for 30 bucks and the kid's t-shirts were $12 to $14.

Cub Club- The lodge offers activities throughout the day for the kids- craft time, pj storytime, morning hike through the lobby. We colored t-shirts in the cub club room in the afternoon ( cost $10).

Overall, I give this trip a 5 out of 5 stars. Personally I care about value, what I get for my money, and I feel that I got more than I paid for. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, the waterpark was huge, the room was perfect, what more could I ask for?

I also want to add, for anyone thinking of making this trip, there is a Hampton Inn directly across the street. Since you have to check-out at 11:00am but you can swim at the Waterpark til 10:00pm it's a perfect spot to get a room for the day of your check-out. OH, and if you have never had Famous Dave's BBQ (located across the street) you must eat there.
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Sunday, March 20

Ashford Love

Oh My Gosh!! Look what I got!! Yes, it's an Ashford Traditional. We went to the local flea market today and I walked around the corner and saw it. I asked "how much?" and she said "How about 50 bucks?" I about peed my pants as I ran to get Dennis. Dennis is the bargainer (I'm too embrassed to ask if people will take less) and got it for 40 bucks. Can you believe it?? What's the likelihood of finding this treasure at the flea market for 40 dollars? It does need a couple of things, a drive belt and a scotch tension but those are cheap. I have been smiling ear to ear all day.
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Friday, March 18

Krispy Kreme is so yummy!
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Wichita Knitters Unite

I'm the new organizer for the Wichita Knitting Meetup. So I decided the needed a blog (nevermind that I can't even keep this one up to date). So check it out: here.
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Saturday, March 12

I did a little dyeing and spinning this week. My LYS finally got in some cushing acid dye. On this yarn I used jade green, redgrape, and purple. It came out with a lot of blue tones. I plan on plying it so we will see how it looks.
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Sunday, March 6

iPod Shuffle

Check it out. My mom got me a iPod Shuffle for my birthday. I can't believe how small it is, it's like a pack of gum. I decided to get the 512Mb because I'm not a huge music fan (mostly I listen to NPR) and I think 120 songs is enough for me.
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Thursday, March 3

Icing Dying

I tried some dying with Wilton's Icing Coloring. I really like how the blue and pink came out, not so much the green. I used this tutorial.
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Wednesday, March 2

Another sick day

Will the sick days ever end??? Sage throw-up at school yesterday so she home today. Trenton cuddled up in bed with us last night about 2 am and then puked all over everybody. Dennis came home from work today, I'm not sure what's wrong with him because he went straight to bed. And then there's me, the mom. We all know that mom's never get sick, even if we are puking our guts out, running a fever of a 110, or have a jackhammer in our head, we never concede defent. We just continue to care for everyone else in the household. Me, bitter? No way.
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Tuesday, March 1

Loving adagio tea
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Saturday night was the big Chili Feed fundraiser at Sage's school. I won first place in the chili cook-off with my famous Chocolate Chili. Just add a half cup of dark chocolate chips to your favorite chili recipe at the end and I also add a little cinnamon.
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