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Tuesday, February 15

Secret Pal Gift

I have the very best secret pal in the whole world. Yesterday, when I got home there was a package sitting on the porch. I knew I hadn't order anything lately, but when I saw my name on it I knew it had to be from my secret pal. I brought it in and looked through all the rest of the mail, I love to have that excitment of wondering what's inside. When I couldn't stand it anymore I torn the box open. Check it out. First there's this great card, a beautiful bookmark, and "The Perfect Man"( a little plastic guy that expands in water, so cute). The best thing was the Noro Iro, it is perfect!! If I had seen this at the yarn store I would have bought it for myself. I love the colors, the texture, even the smell. I really can't put into words how much I adore these gifts. Thank you so much.
posted by Jackie, 10:48 AM


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