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Saturday, February 5

February Family Fun

We had such a fun day. Our local botanical gardens was having a "February Family Fun" Day. They had tons of activities for the kids. We made dry flower crowns, Valentine's, planted a Vick's plant, made a grass hair guy, toilet paper roll binoculars and a lot more.
The best part was the kids got to hammer together their own bird feeder, I felt bad for the guy working that booth. He was holding the nails and the kids kept missing and hitting his fingers. I'm sure by the end of the day he was black and blue.
posted by Jackie, 8:54 PM


This all sounds like a lot of fun. I'll bet your children had a great day and lots of memories. Having fun while you accomplish something is the best of memories.
commented by Blogger Maggie Ann, 10:56 AM  

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