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Wednesday, February 23

Adagio Tea

Thanks to Yarn Tomato I discovered Adagio Tea.
I am a tea lover, mostly green teas but sometimes reds. I drink a cup every morning with my oatmeal and at least one during the day and another at night. I love Tazo teas (Lotus and Zen are my favorite) and the Yogi Teas. But Adagio Tea isn't just tea it's an experience. I ordered the starter kit which includes the IngenuiTea tea pot and four tea samplers, only $19.00. You have to watch the video. First you put the tea in - it's these big beautiful leaves and the smell is amazing- then you add water (our Culligan water cooler has the perfect temperature hot water- 180 degrees F). The leaves dance around in the water after a few minutes you place the teapot on a mug and it filters down into the cup. It's really the most wonderful cup of tea I have ever had.
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