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Friday, January 7

No school, again

No school again. Normally I would love to have a snow day with my kids at home but since we just got back to school from a 2 week Christmas break and we have already been out of school for two days; I'm at a lost for what to do. I have used up all my reserve craft projects, played every board game twice, watch a ton of cartoons, made s'mores, played with all of our new Christmas toys, colored, painted, stamped,etc. I think you get the picture. It's too cold and crappy to go out. So what's a mom to do??? (I will let you know what I came up with tomorrow)

So I have this much Noro (about 1 1/2 balls) of two different colors and no pattern to use it with. It's just not enough to make anything . Any suggestions?? By the way this it my most favorite picture from our cruise, but Dennis hates it.

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