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Monday, July 26

Best Friends Doll


My first guest for the tea party has arrived.

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Sunday, July 25

Recap of Vacation

We had a great time at Big Cedar.   Most of the time we spent swimming, there was an indoor heated pool with a slide, a lazy river with waterfall, a children's wading pool that was heated, a hot tub (this was no ordinary hot tub, it was huge and was right next to the beginning of the waterfall which was very relaxing), and a 30 foot long water slide.  And all of this was in walking distant of our room.  The kids loved it, they even provided life jackets for non-swimmers.  

We also went canoeing and paddle boating (they were complimentary).  And they had a 9 hole putt-putt golf with a fishing theme.  The 9th hole was inside a huge fish.  There was a kid's fishing pond and a playground, too.

This place is so beautiful.  The view from our room was amazing.  The hills of Missouri covered in trees.  One night I went out at dusk and did yoga by the moonlight in a small grove of trees near our room, that is an experience I would like to repeat everyday.

We also went to Silver Dollar City in Branson.  It was fairly hot but all the water rides kept us cool.   I personally love Fire in the Hole ( it's a "roller coaster" in the dark and at the end you splash down in water).  Sage's favorite was Skychase Balloon Ride.  I rode Wildfire, my first real roller coaster ride and we got soaked on the Lost River of the Ozarks.  We bought season passes to SDC so we are planning on going back in November after they put up the Christmas decoration.  


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Saturday, July 24

We are back from vacation but I'm to tired to post any pictures.  So you'll have to wait.  Sorry.
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Monday, July 19

We are offically on vacation!  See you next week.
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Sunday, July 18

Gorilla Mania

This morning we braved the heat and the crowds to get a glimpse at the new Gorilla exhibit at the Sedgwick County Zoo.  All I can say is amazing.  Every time they get a new exhibit it is bigger and better and this is definitely one of the best.  If you live in the area it is worth the trip and will be open to the public beginning this Friday, July 25th.

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Saturday, July 17


I wanted to give some updates before we leave for 5 fun filled days in Big Cedar
 The Garden

We harvested our first cucmber about a week and a half ago.  So far we have picked 10 cucumbers.  The largest one was 12 inches long and 7 inches around.  I have been making my favorite cucumber recipe with them but we have had to give some away because we haven't been able to eat them all.

The bad news is that it appears that my garden is infested with a fungus.  It stated on the watermelons and had moved to the tomatoes and pumpkins.  It has caused the leaves to turn yellow and now they are dying.  I am very sad.  The lady at the garden center gave me some fungicide to spray but I think they are too far gone.  My mom is taking care of the garden while we are on vacation and I'm hoping that everything isn't dead by the time I get back.
I have finished my two Stitch Diva patterns.  They are beautiful. 

I crocheted the shawl with elsebeth lavold silky wool. 

I used Crystal Palace Yarn's Waikiki for the poncho.
I plan on taking lots of pictures on our trip and will be sharing them with you when I get home.  See you next week.


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Monday, July 12


I haven't been working on my Fiesta Tea Set because I completed 2 stitch diva patterns, but until Dennis gets the new desktop computer set-up I can't post any pictures.

We are going on vacation in a week and I wanted to have a project to take with me so I picked the best friend's doll. I ordered the magazine from ebay three weeks ago but it never arrived and the seller won't respond to any of my e-mails so it's pretty obvious that I got screwed. This has never happened to me on ebay before and I'm hopping mad.
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Tuesday, July 6

Ribby Tank


Bonnie has done it again. I need to make this tank! But I have a few problems:

1. I already spent my yarn budget for the month on two patterns from Stitch Diva (pictures coming soon).
2. I have 3 projects already on the needles.

What's a girl to do? Buy the pattern and some cheap yarn, of course.
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Monday, July 5

ARGHH! Our computer crashed. I don't know what happened, Sunday morning it wouldn't turn on. For now, we are using my husband's laptop, but I had so much stuff on that other computer, some I had back-ups of but mostly not. I never really think about back-uping and we have never had a computer go out on us. It looks like my husband will be about to save alot of it. Anyways I proably won't be posting till we get this situtaion taken care of.
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