Creating Me

Friday, December 31


More homespun for your viewing pleasure. I call this sunshine. I think I will make a neck tube from it. Even though it's not cold here, yet. It has been in the mid-60's this week. Weird.
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Wednesday, December 29

Spin, Spin, Spin

My homespun is coming along nicely. I am getting much more consistent. Now it's time to work on plying, I want to be able to make something as beautiful as Hello Yarn. I also have to figure out the secrets of dyeing.

In other news, I found this great yoga studio, Yoga Central. The teachers are amazing. And they have a yoga wall, which I had never experienced before. I forgot how much I enjoy working with a teacher and others, for the past few months I have been on my own. But this is definitely the place for me.
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Monday, December 27


The best gift I received for Christmas 2004: Dream Cream from Lush. My best friend Carrie got it on a trip to California. I have always wanted to try Lush but never took the plunge, now I'm hooked. Thanks Carrie, you are the best.
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Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas from the Tabors!
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Wednesday, December 22

Napoleon Dynamite

Dennis' favorite movie of all time came out yesterday. If you haven't seen it, rent it, today- right now. Leave your computer and go to Blockbuster and get it. You will laugh your pants off.
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Saturday, December 18

Louet S10

Could it be??? Yes, it's my very own Louet S10.
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Tuesday, December 14

Check it out. I recieved my first Sampler yesterday. It is so exciting. I got a ton of cool stuff but some of my favorites were: pomegranate candle from, a little pouch made from felt that my driver's license and other cards fit in perfectly, a Mexican Love Charm from starbright designs. Honestly I loved everything and I can't wait till Feburary.
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Sunday, December 12


I'm working on the MaryElla from knitty. This is my first time working with beads. It's much easier than I thought it would be. The 0000 needles take some getting use to and putting 1400 beads on was very time consuming. Overall it's a great quick project. I ordered the beads and DMC cotton from I also got the purple and white. Maybe these will become Christmas gifts.
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