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Wednesday, November 3


I completed unbiased today. This picture does not do it justice- the colors are amazing. I ordered the Recycled Silk Yarn from Laura at Dollmakers Ink and I would suggest using this company if you are planning on buying this yarn, here's the reasons:

1. Fast shipping ( I ordered the yarn on Saturday and it arrived on Monday)
2. Free shipping
3. You get 200 grams for $14.95 ( some other places are selling 100 grams for that price) I bought 2 skeins and had some left over.

I'm planning on lining it with a little silk and adding a closure of some sort since the bag is fairly shallow. The yarn is very uneven and has a tendency to kink and twist up on it's self. But it is very strong so you can pull and tug on it to make it behave.
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