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Sunday, November 28


Check out these Crocs. I love these. They are the most comfortable shoes. I love Birkies but at $100+ I'm not able to buy them as much as I would like. Then here's Crocs, only $30.00, they come in 12 colors, and they are even a little more comfortable than Birks (they are very, very light weight)
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I made some little palm/wrist warmers from the leftovers that I used on unbiased. I love how this yarn looks and wanted something that I could wear all the time since I didn't fall in love with unbiased. I like to wear little wrist warmers even at home
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Here's some Bonkers roving I got at the yarn barn. Love it. I have started to spin it and the color is great. I think I will make a felted Bottom's up Bucket and wrist warmers from it.
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Monday, November 22

Spin Doctor

Our trip to Lawerence was great. And looky, could it be. Yes I got some roving and spun some yarn on my homemade spindle. This was my first attempt and as you can see from the crocheted sample it is very lumpy and bumpy. But I'm so proud of myself.

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Wednesday, November 17

Sick Day

Ah! I'm sick. I'm around snot-nosed kids everyday up at the school, they touch me, sneeze on me, but I never get sick. The only time I ever get sick is when I catch something from Dennis. I wonder why that is??

Anyways, I stayed home from work today and slept and worked on socks. I am knitting the Retro Rib from the winter 2004 Interweave Knits. I love how they stretch. I'm using some Wildfoote from Brown Sheep Company. It has to be my favorite sock yarn.

In other news, me, my aunt, and my cousin are headed to Lawerence this weekend to Yarn Barn. I'm looking at some spinning wheels and I hope that Santa can stuff one into my stocking this year.
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Saturday, November 13

Home Grown Daisy

The woman who brought you At my Knit's End has created a new blog, Home Grown Daisy. It's hard to define exactly what this blog is about but it sprang from her confusion and disbelief after the election. It's a place for women to come together to share, teach, and learn about each other and the unique preceptions that each of us have. It's a great read.
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Monday, November 8

Stitch 'n Bitch Nation

Yea for me! I just ordered Stitch 'n Bitch Nation and you should, too.
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Saturday, November 6


I have been using a paper planner for the pass couple of months and it worked well. But my mom offered me her old Palm Zire (she just bought it but she wanted the one with the camera) and I jumped at the chance. Now I can download maps, news, weather, color code my appointments and listen to MP3s. It is so cool. I'm not really a computer geek but I love this thing. Dennis is so jealous, but Christmas is coming and I'm sure that Santa will put one in his stocking.
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Wednesday, November 3


I completed unbiased today. This picture does not do it justice- the colors are amazing. I ordered the Recycled Silk Yarn from Laura at Dollmakers Ink and I would suggest using this company if you are planning on buying this yarn, here's the reasons:

1. Fast shipping ( I ordered the yarn on Saturday and it arrived on Monday)
2. Free shipping
3. You get 200 grams for $14.95 ( some other places are selling 100 grams for that price) I bought 2 skeins and had some left over.

I'm planning on lining it with a little silk and adding a closure of some sort since the bag is fairly shallow. The yarn is very uneven and has a tendency to kink and twist up on it's self. But it is very strong so you can pull and tug on it to make it behave.
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Monday, November 1

Toe-up sock

This is my first toe-up sock and I have decided that it's the way to go. They look and fit much nicer.
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