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Monday, September 6

I finally decided it was time to clean some of that wool that I got when Sage went to the pony farm back in May. This was my first experience and I think it went fairly well, I had some books from the library and Mindful Moderation had given me some tips.
First, Sage helped me sort and tease it.

Then I used some Dawn detergent and a delicates bag to wash it.

I rinsed and then put it into a Kool-Aid dye bath.

As I type it is drying in the back. The one on the left is grape Kool-Aid and the top is Strawberry.

Now comes the hard part, carding it. Fifty bucks for a real set of carding paddles isn't an investment I want to make til I'm sure that I will be doing this often. So I'm going to try to use dog brushes. After the carding I made my own drop spindles from dowels, cup hooks, and wood wheels. I'm on the road to making my own yarn.

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