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Saturday, August 14

Can someone please tell me how Bonne does it?? She has the most wonderful, beautiful patterns and she completes projects in record time. She always seems to have at least 5 things going at once. She is truly a knitting goddess to me. Now she has created the BizChic cardigan. Exactly what I have been looking for, I had a black one like this a couple of years that I bought but it's always better when you knit it yourself. Plus she used Lion Brand Cotton Ease which my local Hancocks sells every color of, at a great price.

The other thing I am drooling over is a poncho by Fo Knits ( look at post from 8-4-2004). I look everyday when I get up to see if she has posted the pattern yet.

I wish that I was able to create patterns on my own. I am very good at following patterns but figuring out how to make a garment look just like I want it, is still a mystery to me. Thanks to every creative and talented person that puts their amazing creations out there for everyone to enjoy.
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