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Friday, August 27

There is nothing better than spending the day with my kids making peppernuts and playdoh. So I'm going to share my favorite playdoh and peppernut recipes with you.

These are a german cookie that taste better the longer they sit. They are good to make a Thanksgiving and give away at Christmas. They are a very hard cookie and have a distinct taste that not everyone likes.

1 cup dark corn syrup
3/4 cup shortening
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp. all spice
1 tsp lemon extract
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup sour cream
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp cloves
1 tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp ground or liquid anise

Pre heat oven to 350. Mix dry ingredient except flour. Add liquid ingredients to dry and mix. Slowly add flour till it is the consistency of playdoh (the amount of flour varies but make sure it's not sticky). You can either roll the dough out and us mini cookie cutters or if you have kids have them roll them between their hands to make snakes and use a plastic knife to cut small pieces. Place on cookie sheet and bake about 15 minutes or until brown. Store is air tight container. This recipe makes a ton of cookies so find someone to share them with.

2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2 packages of unsweetened Kool-Aid
2 cups boiling water
3 Tbs baby oil or vegetable oil

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Add water and oil. Stir. When cool knead. Store in air tight bag or container.
This recipe makes a lot of playdoh so I usually wait till it's time to knead it then separate it into four and knead one package of Kool-Aid into each fourth so I can make more colors.
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Thursday, August 26

One last trip to the zoo before school starts. The lions have a new cub it was born last week and they have a live video feed so you can see the mom and baby even though they aren't on exhibit. I love that our zoo has all of these great bronze statues of animals all around, they are great for pictures .
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Tuesday, August 24

Here's the left side of In Retrospect. I really love everything about it. The yarn is soft and easy to work with and the cable design is beautiful. It is slow knitting because I have to pay attention to the chart and can't watch the Olympics while I knit.
This will be my first sweater for myself and I'm very happy with my choice althought I'm a little nervous about the collar, seaming, and button band.

Also, Fo Knits in now selling her wonderful Funky Poncho pattern. And Knit2Purl2 has the Katia Twist used in this pattern on sale for $4.40 a ball. They only have 3 colors but it's a great deal if you are planning on knitting this.
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Monday, August 23

Back to school time! Here's the crafty stuff I did for the kids:

I decorated their "daydreaming" towels with monster trucks (tren) and cats (sage). They picked the fabric and with a little wonder under and zig-zag stitch we have super cute towels.

For Sage's tote I used some fuzzy yarn, crocheted a chain and some triple crochets and glue gunned it to the top.

Yes that's cocoa in the background investigating.
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Sunday, August 22

Looking for a knitting challenge? How about some free patterns from Pierrot written completely in Japanese.
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Wednesday, August 18

This is my newest project dream. It's knit with Silky Wool which just happens to be the yarn I used for the ChicKami and I love how it feels.
I bought the yarn today and plan on casting on tonight. Dennis thinks it looks like a grandma but I love it.
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Sunday, August 15


I also just discovered Craftpop. A great directory of craft-related websites.
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I don't know why I have never seen this blog called Knitizen before but I was missing a lot. Check it out.
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Saturday, August 14

Can someone please tell me how Bonne does it?? She has the most wonderful, beautiful patterns and she completes projects in record time. She always seems to have at least 5 things going at once. She is truly a knitting goddess to me. Now she has created the BizChic cardigan. Exactly what I have been looking for, I had a black one like this a couple of years that I bought but it's always better when you knit it yourself. Plus she used Lion Brand Cotton Ease which my local Hancocks sells every color of, at a great price.

The other thing I am drooling over is a poncho by Fo Knits ( look at post from 8-4-2004). I look everyday when I get up to see if she has posted the pattern yet.

I wish that I was able to create patterns on my own. I am very good at following patterns but figuring out how to make a garment look just like I want it, is still a mystery to me. Thanks to every creative and talented person that puts their amazing creations out there for everyone to enjoy.
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Friday, August 13

This is my Chickami. I recycled the yarn from the shawl I made from the Stitch Diva pattern. I just didn't think I would wear the shawl that much. But now I think I like the shawl better. The kami just doesn't fit right. So I'm keeping it for right now but I might decide to frog it and make it into something else, later.

I'm going to try to use Hello by picasa, which I can get free from blogger. Posted by Hello
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Unfortunately, I might be losing all of my pictures that I have posted on this blog. My DH's job is moving to a new server and I had been using the free picture hosting that we got with the old one. They are suppose to delete the old account today and I'm assuming that the pictures will be gone. So I'm on a search for a new place to host my pictures, for free.
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Wednesday, August 11

Poncho Love

I am in love with ponchos. Look at these 2 great patterns. This one by Mrs. Who is crochet. And this one by Boogie is fabulous. I plan on making both of them this fall.
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Sunday, August 1

This week we are headed to Grand Lake to visit my grandparents. See you soon.
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