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Saturday, July 17


I wanted to give some updates before we leave for 5 fun filled days in Big Cedar
 The Garden

We harvested our first cucmber about a week and a half ago.  So far we have picked 10 cucumbers.  The largest one was 12 inches long and 7 inches around.  I have been making my favorite cucumber recipe with them but we have had to give some away because we haven't been able to eat them all.

The bad news is that it appears that my garden is infested with a fungus.  It stated on the watermelons and had moved to the tomatoes and pumpkins.  It has caused the leaves to turn yellow and now they are dying.  I am very sad.  The lady at the garden center gave me some fungicide to spray but I think they are too far gone.  My mom is taking care of the garden while we are on vacation and I'm hoping that everything isn't dead by the time I get back.
I have finished my two Stitch Diva patterns.  They are beautiful. 

I crocheted the shawl with elsebeth lavold silky wool. 

I used Crystal Palace Yarn's Waikiki for the poncho.
I plan on taking lots of pictures on our trip and will be sharing them with you when I get home.  See you next week.


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