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Wednesday, June 30

Stitch Diva Studio

Why has no one ever told me about Stitch Diva Studios on ebay? She has the greatest knit and crochet patterns. I have been looking for a lace-y poncho for forever and there it was all the time. And I'm going to try the a crochet pattern, too, even though my crochet skills are less than amazing I will be visiting my grandma this summer and she's a pro.
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Tuesday, June 29

Garden Success

I am beginning to see the fruits (or vegetables) of my labor. My garden is looking very good. We have 3 watermelons(that I can see), about 6 cucumbers (that will be ripe in the next few days), lots of tomatoes, and a few pumpkins. I planted the peppers late so they will be delayed and I haven't seen any baby cantaloupe but there are a lot of blooms.
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Thursday, June 24


Another surprise for us was the apple tree in the backyard.
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Monday, June 21

We have been looking for a dog for a few months. Today, Dennis stopped by the Human Society and found the newest member of our family (drum roll, please) Coco. She's a little rat terrier, tri-colored. Mostly rat terriers have a very high energy level and bounce around; but Coco is very calm. She just lays around and let's the kids pet her. She does pull on the lease when she is walked but I think that can be corrected. Sage and Trenton are in love.
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Sunday, June 20

I love that this house had a beautiful front flower bed already planted when we moved it. This spring has been one suprise after another. First we had tulips, then a huge Plantation Lily, now we have daisies. I love daisies.
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Friday, June 18

Fiesta Tea set

Fiesta Tea Set

Everyone is knitting the Fiesta Tea Set from Interweave Knits. In one word it's adorable. I made mine with some acrylic that my gandmother gave me. Love the blindingly bright colors. I need 2 more cups and saucers and the sugar bowl and creamer. They are a little difficult to knit, not for the beginner.
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Thursday, June 17


Yesterday was our weekly trip to the zoo. I personally don't like the children's zoo (the sheep and goats are out in the open and you can feed them) but my kids love it, in a scary sort of way. Trenton wants me to hold him the whole time. Sage will only pet the baby sheep and only if it's walking away from her. I get grossed out my the stepping in the poo that is all over and the animals can be a
little aggressive if you have food.

Overall I believe that we have one of the best zoos in the area.(we have traveled to alot of the zoo in the surrounding states) Everyone is anxiously awaiting the opening of the new Gorilla Exhibit on July 23rd. We will fight the crowds on members sneak peek day to see them.
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Wednesday, June 16

For a little fun I tried to make an icon that looks like me. What do you think? Try it yourself.
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Saturday, June 12

Inn at the park

For my good friend Trudy's birthday we stayed at the Inn at the Park. It's a house that was built in 1909 and now it's converted into a hotel with unique rooms. We had the room above called Country French. Jan, Trudy's best friend, from KC drove down for a night of food, fun and friends.
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Wednesday, June 9

My new most favorite picture of the girls!
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Tuesday, June 8

I know I haven't been blogging forever. Since Dennis is home for the summer we have to kept him busy or he starts going crazy. But I will be posting again soon.
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