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Wednesday, May 26

Adventures in gardening

Adventures in Gardening

The garden is looking really good. The watermelons and pumpkins already have flowers on them as well as the cucumbers. I am so proud because I started them from seeds. But in the past few days I had noticed that a neighborhood cat had decided to use my strawberry patch* as it's personal litter box. Then today I saw the cat on the back patio. So I went out to scare it away but it ran into the shed. I was in for a suprise when I opened the door because there sat 4 kittens.

* can you really call one strawberry plant a patch??
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Tuesday, May 18

Last day of school

I decided that I didn't like the purple/black/grey socks so I made these instead.

Today is Sage's last day of school. This year has went by so quickly.I really liked Sage's teachers this year, so I decided that I wanted to do something special for them. I called every parent in the class and had them bring a picture that their kids had drawn and I put them into a book (complete with cover and binding). It came out even better than I thought it would.
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Sunday, May 9


The amount that I know about gardening would fit in a thimble, but has that stopped me from trying to exercise my green thumb. No way. Here's a pic of the garden as it looks today, not too bad. Next year I will not be starting the vegtables from seeds in my house, I will buy started plants from Wal-Mart. The tomatos and carrots that I started as seeds didn't make it to the garden. But the watermelons and pumpkins are looking really good.
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Friday, May 7

Less than two weeks till Sage is out of school for the summer. This school year has went so quickly. I decided to knit socks for her teachers as an end of year gift. They are always wearing silly socks so I thought some self-striping yarn and the Broadripple pattern would be perfect. I have never knit on size one needles before and I'm amazed at how long it takes me to knit with these little sticks.
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