Creating Me

Friday, April 30

Thanks to ljc fyi and not martha I had to find my Pantone birthday color. April 13 Rococco Red " creative builder, persistent, influential" Hmm... I don't know. Sage's sounds more like her "You are perceptive and can read most situation and people quickly."
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Tuesday, April 27

Tonight was Sage's spring program for school. The theme was picnic, they sang about 10 songs, and had a video journal of each of the classes throughout the year.
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Saturday, April 24

Me and my mom have been walking everyday, it's something we used to when I was younger and it really helped us stay connected. Now with all the rain we haven't been able to, so last night we hit Border's. I headed straight to the knitting books. I'm always on the look out for something new and different. I wasn't disappointed. This new book called Simple Knits with a Twist: Unique Projects for Creative Knitters by Erika Knight is amazing. They aren't kidding when they say unique, knitted canvas, a purse from knitted tulle, a chair completely covered with cables, and there some non-knitted project in there, too. It is definitely on my mother's day wish list. Also on that list is Knit: A Personal Handbook. It's just cute. I did buy one thing last night though, it's Om at Home, a great yoga journal with a session of asanas for every season.

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Friday, April 16

I decided to join the Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong. I knit a bottom's up bucket this winter (made from Cascade 220 and felted) and I still love it. This time I am thinking of knitting one for each of the kids and me. I plan on using Lion's Brand Cottonease.
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Sunday, April 11

Yay, for me. I finished my spring fling. The pattern was easy and straight forward except for the elongated stitches. (Which should have said that the yarn is wrapped twice around the right hand needle and then pulled through the knit stitch.) I was a little worried that the skirt wouldn't fit but it has plenty of room in the hips and butt where I need it the most. I would suggest a slip because in the right light you can see your undies. I enjoyed knitting it but I think if I do another one I will knit it in the round instead of two pieces.
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Happy Easter!
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Friday, April 9

I have been looking for a great crochet flower pattern and I think I found one. Thanks to chocotaco over at craftster, this pattern is from an emblishment on an overnigh bag.
I remember my grandma teaching me to crochet when I was in grade school but I I haven't picked up a hook since then. For some reason my hands just know what to do when it comes to knitting and now crochet. I'm sure I was a master spinner/knitter/weaver in a former life (well maybe not a master).
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Thursday, April 8

Check out our garden seedlings. We have cucumbers, 4 kinds of tomatoes,and peppers in this one. And we just started watermelon, 3 kinds of pumpkins, and cantaloupe.
This will be our first garden. I'm not sure that we really have room for all the pumpkins and other vine vegetables but we are going to give it a try. I figure something will grow.

By the way, we got a new camera. This is the first picture I have posted. Compare to the flower below that I took with my mom's camera.
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Friday, April 2

Finally the spring knitty is up! I definately want to make Alison's Rosebud (as a tank though) and I'm eyeing Honeymoon but the straps will have to be thicker. The Frill looks rather glamorous.
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