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Tuesday, January 27

I know I haven't been posting lately. It's been unusually busy around here; I started school, d's baseball conditioning, a commitment to yoga/meditation, we have some new favorite tv shows, d's trip to kc this weekend and my trip the following weekend, plus the kids' regularly busy lives. But I plan on finding some great stuff to post soon.
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Sunday, January 18

My mom was in the mood to do some Valentine crafts. We made a candle in a heart shaped container and tried our hand at glass etching.
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Friday, January 16

I'm in the market for some new Birkenstocks. Maybe they aren't "hip" right now but they are my favorite kind of shoe. This time I'm going to try to order some off ebay. I'm always a little nervous about making "expensive" (over $20) purchases off ebay, there's always that chance that you'll get screwed.
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Wednesday, January 14

I have to give a link to this great artist named Melanie Testa. Her art is amazing but my favorite piece is this.
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Friday, January 9

My new favorite online yarn store is HelloKnitty. Great yarns, patterns and a super site design. I ordered the Chunky Hat pattern. Also make sure to check out all the great purse patterns.
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Thursday, January 8

I love Kettle Corn. It's something about the salt and sweet together and the crunchiness of it all. So here's my favorite recipe:

Jackie's Favorite Kettle Corn

1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 unpopped popcorn

Place oil and sugar in large pot (I use my stock pot) on high. Stir till the sugar melts. Then add the popcorn and shake the pot back and forth on the burner. Keep shaking till the corn stops popping. Enjoy!!
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Saturday, January 3

Fuzzy Feet are complete.



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Friday, January 2

My 2004 resolution:

Take better care of my mind, body, and spirit.

1. I am now actively pursuing my degree. I have two classes this semester and plan on enrolling in the summer and fall semesters.

2. One organized activity a month. I have started strong with a 5K on New Year's Day. On Febuary 8, I'm running the 5K Groundhog Run. My long term goal is the complete the Chicago Marathon on October 10th.

3. I need yoga and meditation. I haven't been praticing and it shows. I'm also considering fasting.

What's your resolution???
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