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Wednesday, December 31

Christmas dinner conversation:

Me: Yum this ham is great. Where did you get it?
My Aunt: I got it a Wal-Mart it's the butt-end.
Both of the kids: BUTT! BUTT! (giggle giggle) BUTT! (more laughter)

Later Tren said "Mama I want butt" as he pointed to the ham.
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I started Fuzzy Feet from knitty tonight. I also check out the designers website. Now I want to make this sweater.
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Monday, December 29

Haven't been posting lately because my digital camera is unavailable. I finished the French Market bag. For my first felted project I think it turned out well. Now I'm on the look out for the book Knit One, Felt too.
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Wednesday, December 24

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Tuesday, December 23

Back from Oklahoma with a bag full of Alpaca yarn. The shop was having a half price sale so I could resist. I'm in the process of making the French Market bag from Knitty. This will be my first felted project so I'm looking forward to the results.
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Thursday, December 18

Happy Birthday, Trenton!!
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Wednesday, December 17

I just bought a pattern for a bucket hat to knit over at ChicKnits. I love that they take paypal and it's a PDF so I got it (almost) instantly. This will be my project for January. Lucky for me I am going to my grandparents in Oklahoma this weekend. They live a couple of miles from an Alpaca farm that sells great yarn.
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Tuesday, December 16

I love ljc's idea to make felt "paper" chains. I have tons of felt lying around from a different failed project so me and the kids will be working on this project tonight .
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Sunday, December 14

My internet has only been down for a week and a half but that seems like a year and a half to me.
Anyways, we are all moved in to the new place and I love it. I can't believe we are now homeowners. We have a few things that we want to do to the house including new wallpaper in the dining room, converting the fireplace to gas, and changing some light fixtures. But mostly we have a lot of decorating to do, which will take a while to find the perfect things at the right price. But really that's the fun of having your own place. Enjoy the pictures.

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Monday, December 8

We don't have internet at our new house yet and I'm desperate for some web action.
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Wednesday, December 3

Have I mentioned lately how much I love
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Monday, December 1

I'm not sure what I think about this.
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I have become addicted to reading blogs. Here are some of my favorites:
Anes Weblog
ljc fyi
not martha
Yarn-covered couch
Frog It
No Milk Please
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