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Saturday, October 4

The Interview Game
The rules of the game go like this:
- Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
- I'll reply and give you five questions to answer.
- You'll update your web-log with the five questions answered.
- You'll include this explanation in your log.
- When someone asks you to be interviewed, you ask them five questions.
- And it just keeps going, and going, and going.

Q. Your dream vacation. Where? Doing what?
My dream vacation is the Eco-Challenge. I don't think other people would considered that a vacation but I would love it. Of course I would want to be in top condition and have a great team that included my husband.
Q. What is the worst movie you've ever seen?
"I Dreamed of African" We allowed our friends to talk us into seeing it, then I almost fell asleep watching it.
Q. Name something you couldn't live without.
Soft, stretchy yoga pants. I live in them.
Q. You are running through the African Savannah. Behind you is a hungry lion, before you is a lake with deadly fish. What do you do?
Come on is this really a fair question. Okay well there's no way that I could out run the lion so I would jump into the water and as I swim to the other side I hear the lion being attacked by the fish. When I make it to the other side I climb out and hop into my Land Rover, I see lion bones floating to the top and then sinking. (this situation depend on two things 1. the fish look at me and decide I'm too bony to make a good meal 2. a lion dumb enough to jump in the water.)
My other option is a helicopter dropping me a line.
Q. Coffee or tea? Beer or Wine? Fish, meat or chicken? Which one you prefer on each category?
Tea- a cup of green tea everyday will keep you health and happy
Wine- I don't really drink much alcohol
Fish- I don't eat enough fish, I just don't know how to prepare it well.

A big thank you to my new friend Anes for allowing me to join the fun.
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