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Friday, July 4

Thanks to Uplifting Arts, I found my purpose for July. It's 26 things- The International Photographic Scavenger Hunt. Make sure to check out the May Day Project which is amazing. Over 400 people sharing their lives from all over the world.

Also I have to thank Uplifting Arts for her interview with Genie McChane. Personally I love collages; cutting, glueing, creating. Sage is a pro at collages, for her Christmas project at school last year they gave everyone a big paper with a Christmas tree outline on it. You were suppose to decorate it however you wanted. For us, that meant a huge mess of torn wrapping paper, Christmas stamps, glitter, stickers, cut outs from magazines, red and green paint overflowing the page. It was beautiful. When I saw other kids bringing in pages with M&M's glued perfectly inside the outline of the tree, I just laughed. Ours was truly a work of art.
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