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Tuesday, July 29

I have been wanting to try this new product called Instead. I had heard about The Keeper but the thought of cleaning and then re-inserting this device didn't appeal to me. This one you just throw away. I couldn't believe that they had them at my local Wal-Mart. The price (about $6.00 for 14) was right so I'm going to give them a try.
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Hey now I have a Guestbook (on your left below the links) so if you are here please sign it.
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Sunday, July 27

Summer Fun

We bought a slip and slide for the kids, but it looked like such fun that me, Dennis and my mom decided to join them.
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Friday, July 25

The Friday FIve

1. If your life were a movie, what would the title be?
Right now it would be called "How to live 90 days without going insane while looking for a house and living with your parents, two kids, and your husband who's home for the summer. "

But if it was my live overall it would be titled "Ups and Downs"

2. What songs would be on the soundtrack?
"How to live"- "Act a fool"
"Ups"- why's life got to be so complicated

3. Would it be a live-action film or animated? Why?
They would both have to be live-action.

4. Casting: who would play you, members of your family, friends, etc?
I would want Halle Berry to play me. My husband would be played by Tom Cruise. My dad would be Samuel L Jackson. My kids would be played by aliens.

5. Describe the movie preview/trailer.
Me and my husband would be riding in the car and the two kids in the backseat would be screaming, crying, and whining. This would go on for the entire preview and the husband and wife would try to talk to each other.

"Ups"- Would just have moments from my life. Good, bad, and everything in between. Pictures of my laughing , crying, suceeding, failing, climbing, falling, being brave and strong, being scared and weak. Everything! I like the sound of that.
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Wednesday, July 23

Today's training: 45 minutes of Cycle Reebok, upper body weight training- dumbbell bicep curls, preacher curls, overhead tricep pull-downs, tricep extensions and shoulder press. And this was an easy day.
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Tuesday, July 22

We are offically in training for The Bricktown Urban Adventure Race. We went shopping for mountain bikes today. We decided on a Trek like the one above but ours will be black and gray. We are confident that we can train for the bike and running but the kayaking and orienteering has us a little worried. Mainly we just want to finish.
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Sunday, July 20

I found this site about recycling, conservation, and composting. It has a lot of great information and is easy to navigate. Personally I have always wanted to try vermiculture worm composting. And you can put in your area and find out where the closest recycling centers are. And if you live by or are vacations to the beach you can find out the beach water quality.
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Friday, July 18

The Friday Five

1. When was the last time you cheated?
In high school, there a girl in my government class that would steal our test and then give them to everyone in the class and everyone would copy the answers. The teacher figured it out because the dumbest kids in the class started getting 100% on test and 0's on everything else.

2. When was the last time you stole?
I once stole a pair of earrings, that was about 5 years ago and I still fell really bad about it.

3. When was the last time you lied?
I can't remember.

4. When was the last time you broke or vandalized another's property?
I don't think I ever did anything like that.

5. When was the last time you hurt a loved one?
10 minutes ago, I wouldn't let Sage have a cookie because she didn't eat lunch. Does that count???

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Tuesday, July 15

Lately I have been very interested in feng shui. I menitoned the Red Lotus Letter before. I also found this site that has alot of great FREE reports and information.
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Monday, July 14

Next month, we are going to KC to get our family pictures taken. We are travling the 200+ miles to have Trudy's sister, Shelly, take them. I am so excited because she take's pictures just the way I like them, very natural not posed.
This photographer is so wonderful. I love all of his work. He says "I don't photograph the way people and things look. I photograph the energy. I see with the camera and it's the seeing which leads me. I photograph to learn something new. It's always a surprise"
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Saturday, July 12

Unfortunately, I was unable to find raffia yarn at our local craft stores. So the purse project is on hold till I can order some or find a subsitute.
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Friday, July 11

The Friday Five

1. Do you remember your first best friend? Who was it?
The first best friend that I remember was Shanell. We were best friends from Kindergarten till 4th grade then I changed schools.

2. Are you still in touch with this person?
No I have seen her maybe twice since 4th grade (about 15 years ago)

3. Do you have a current close friend?
My best friend is Carrie C. we have been friends since high school. And my other best friend is Trudy we have been friends for about 4 years.

4. How did you become friends with this person?
The thing that really sealed my friendship with Carrie were our trips to Kansas City. In high school the two of us traveled over 200 miles to visit and party with my boyfriend who attended KU. We lied to our parents and put our lives at risk. But it was great.

5. Is there a friend from your past that you wish you were still in contact with? Why?
I had a friend named Brandon in high school. He was a great friend. He wanted to be more than friends but at the time I wasn't into him. Now I know he was great husband material but no one thinks like that in high school.
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I decided to try to knit Annie's creating from the summer edition of knitty. She uses combined knitting which will be ineresting to try. I use the English or wrapped version which can be hard on the wrists if I knit for long peroids of time. I will be posting on my progress.
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Thursday, July 10

My new favorite show is Sensible Chic.
This bedroom is my personal dream.
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Wednesday, July 9

This is our last day of moving and cleaning. One of the great things about the new place is WE HAVE CABLE!! I love hgtv and the Food Network. So get ready for my project page to expand.
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Friday, July 4

Thanks to Uplifting Arts, I found my purpose for July. It's 26 things- The International Photographic Scavenger Hunt. Make sure to check out the May Day Project which is amazing. Over 400 people sharing their lives from all over the world.

Also I have to thank Uplifting Arts for her interview with Genie McChane. Personally I love collages; cutting, glueing, creating. Sage is a pro at collages, for her Christmas project at school last year they gave everyone a big paper with a Christmas tree outline on it. You were suppose to decorate it however you wanted. For us, that meant a huge mess of torn wrapping paper, Christmas stamps, glitter, stickers, cut outs from magazines, red and green paint overflowing the page. It was beautiful. When I saw other kids bringing in pages with M&M's glued perfectly inside the outline of the tree, I just laughed. Ours was truly a work of art.
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Thursday, July 3

Okay so I finally gave in and got a cell phone. Everyone I know has one but me. Mostly I haven't gotten one because a) I am constantly annoyed by people on their cell phones (i.e. talking loud, driving, not paying attention), b) honestly I don't have anyone that is so desperate to talk to me that they can't just leave a message and wait for me to call back, and c) I already pay too much for my home phone. That being said, I decided that with the move I needed to be able to stay in touch since I won't be at home as much. Plus now that I have a job I am away from D and the kids more. So I am now offically out of the stone age and somewhat modern.
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