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Thursday, June 26

Now I remember why I love running outside so much. I have been running on the track at the YMCA (14 laps=1 mile). But today was in the 70's so I decided to run to my favorite park. I take a trail that is in a wooded area. There's lots of wildlife, squirrels, snakes, bunnies, and tons of birds. It's very quiet and the animals aren't too scaried of humans, they cross the trail right in front of you. Today I was very suprised to see a white squirrel. We have red squirrels all over the place, my mom even has a special squirrel feeder in her front yard. I have seen gray squirrels in Oklahoma but this was the very first time I have seen a white squirrel. It really was exciting for me.
posted by Jackie, 10:19 AM


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