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Saturday, April 26

I have noticed that people are looking for the instructions to the Martha Stewart Towel Rag Rug so I have typed out the instructions I used to make the rug and put them under "My Projects" on the left. I hope this will help some people since the instructions are not listed on the Martha Stewart website. I also plan on putting more of my thrilling projects on here. But first I have to finish them, then make an html for them. That could take years.

Also I have added a contact me button. So please send me some comments on my blog.

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Friday, April 25

I'm putting this link on here for Carrie. We had a jelly experience in another life.
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Thursday, April 24

Now I’m trying my hand at making some jewelry. I made a bracelet that I gave to Trudy. Now I have found some great projects on the WWW that I looking forward to making.
Cluster Bracelet
Dainty Dangle Bracelet

I have almost completed my braided rag rug but unfortunately I think I made the outside tighter than the inside causing it to roll up around the edges. Now I have to take it apart and re-sew the spiral. This project is much taking much more time and energy than I thought.

I was excited to see this article at getcrafty. I had been wanting some bulletin boards for the kid’s art projects but the cork is too expensive. Now I have everything I need to make these, even some cool patterned fabric to cover them with.

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Sunday, April 20

We have KITTENS!!!

Our cat delivered 7 kitttens yesterday, under our bed. They are so cute.
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Friday, April 18

I finally figured out how to get some pictures on here. This was my project for today. I took one of those AOL tins, that I have been asking everyone to save for me.

I spray painted it black added some glitter. Then I used modge podge to decorate it. This is the top:

And this is the bottom:

I am using it to hold my little scissor and needles for my braided rag rug project.

I love the way the glitter makes it look. The little quote on the top says:

" I think everyone needs to live their own life and find their own truth"

Words to live by.
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Friday, April 11

As you can tell I'm in the mood for sping!

Dennis and his collegues at NW had a rough inservice today. There was a chemical explosion during a safety demostration. Dennis was in the hall outside the room when it happened. One teacher was burned badly. Dennis had to go to the ER; the fumes are poisonous.

My braided rug is slow going. It's an easy project but it's taking more time than I expected. Mostly because other projects have come up. My in-laws sent me a great craft 'zine for my birthday. I beaded a bracelet project from it and I love how it turned out. They also publish a jewerly 'zine that I will be buying. And they have free online projects.
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Saturday, April 5

Tonight I got a sweet tooth and the motivation to create the chocolate-coated Peeps. It was easy and very tasty. I used a double- boiler to melt milk chocolate chips. ( A glass bowl over a pan of boiling water or the microwave will work.) I pulled the Peeps apart, I used bunny as well as chicks, and put two each on bamboo skewers. Then I drizzled the chocolate over the peeps and put them on a sheet of wax paper in the refrigerator. Yummy!

I purchased a small round table at the Goodwill today. I have some items rolling around in my head for it but I haven't decided what to do yet. But I'm happy that my project juices are really flowing.
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Friday, April 4

I decided to make a braided rag rug. I had checked out a book from the library about them last month, but decided that I would have to wait till I found some cheap fabric. Then I saw that Martha Stewart used bath towels for the rugs. I bought 3 towels (white, light blue, and dark blue) at Wal-Mart for $1.50 each. Martha used nylon thread but I thought fishing line would be stronger and hold up to washing better. So far it's coming along well; although the towels are dulling my scissors very quickly.
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